Easy2Speak provides confidential, affordable and professional translations and interpreting services from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese by qualified native speakers.

At any time of the year, you can start to study a new language with us. We are ready to have you at our school. Please contact us if you want to find out more information.

Teaching at Easy2Speak is perfect for those looking to combine travelling with immersing themselves in the Brazilian local culture of Itacaré – Bahia.

Why Itacaré and Brazil?

Itacaré has it all!!! When you visit you’ll think you have arrived in paradise. It is the kind of place where you come for a two week vacation, but then wish you could stay forever. Brilliant weather all year round and exceptional nature including waterfalls, tropical jungle trails, amazing sunrises and sunsets make Itacaré a unique destination.

Furthermore, you can find some of the best Brazilian beaches, each one more beautiful than the other. There are so many  leisure and adventure activities to choose from. You can surf, dive, snorkel, stand-up paddle board, kayak, go fishing, zip line and skateboard – the choice is yours!

Throw yourself into our fantastic nightlife and try some of the best Caipirinha cocktails. While you’re here you can join a Samba or Capoeira lesson. Here in Itacaré you can sample our authentic and vibrant Brazilian culture with its African- Brazilian heritage. You’ll find we have a non commercialized ethos and a laid back, friendly atmosphere.

Book your lesson now and don’t miss the chance to learn a language with our highly qualified professionals teachers and have an easy, successful and fun experience.

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Our Testimonials


Si! Easy2speak make learning Portuguese so much fun and interesting. My teacher Katcha (sorry about spelling!) gave very clear explanations and was so patient if I had any questions. She  made the lessons fun and practical - and included lots of real life situations around Itacaré which were so useful for my time as a volunteer. I loved learning Portuguese in such a friendly school, I would love to come back some day! Obrigada!

Holly Stanley - Australia


Olá! Estou muito bem, obrigada. A minha experiência com Easy2Speak foi muito agradável. As duas professoras foram muito amigável e profissional, gostei muito!

Camilla Stauffacher - Germany


Well, my name is Caio and I learned English in this school in the best way. My experience in Easy2speak was very nice, I learned English by practice, with teachers from another countries and another cultures, in this school I was able to learn not just English, but also a bit of culture of lots of places all over the world, and it made my learning experience not just useful, but also very fun! I really enjoyed my stay in this school. And I hope anyone who is interested, can enjoy it too!

Caio Calaça - Brazil

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