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The closest national airport¬† is Ilh√©us (IOS) which has connections with most of Brazil’s major cities. There are daily flights to Ilh√©us from Salvador, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and S√£o Paulo. The main companies flying to Ilh√©us are¬†Tam, Azul, Gol and Avianca.¬†Ilh√©us is about 43miles (70 km) far from Itacar√© and from there we can arrange a transfer to pick you up at any day or night time. The trip will take about 50minutes.

Bus transportation

If you are confident and speak enough Portuguese, you can also choose to get a bus from Salvador to Itacaré using the public transportation.
Buses connecting with Itacaré mainly come from Porto Seguro, Itabuna, Ilhéus and
If you are arriving from¬†Salvador, then the best and fastest option is to take the¬†ferry¬†from the port of¬†Salvador¬†to the island of Itaparica which takes around 45 minutes. When you reach Itaparica’s port, Bom Despacho, bus companies like¬†√Āguia Branca¬†and¬†Cidade Sol¬†operate hourly on this route. The travel time is approximately 5 hours.
Note: In Bom Despacho buses are available at the same location for the ferry, making travel faster and less tiring.

If you prefer, there’s also the option to get  a bus from the bus station in Salvador direct to Ilhéus ( 9 hours journey) and from Ilhéus get a taxi or another bus to Itacaré ( 1 hour journey).

Easy2Speak it’s the first language school settled in Itacaré since 2008 and prides itself on its high quality of learning center. Very well known by its playful methodology and environment, it is the pioneer in tutoring while having fun. Such a perfect environment for those who wish to combine education with leisure!

Group lessons will be taught minimum 3 and maximum 7 students per class.

On the first day of lessons student takes a placement test or gets invited to watch a lesson and be observed in class by the teacher. From there it will be decided which level is designed for the candidate.

Both Portuguese and English course last 10 hours for private course lessons, which can be done in 10 days maximum. Group courses depend on the group’s progress. It can be 30 to 90 days per book.

We have a very flexible time table. Your preferable times for your lessons can be requested every Thursdays of the week.

At the end of each course students will be tested on their progress on reading, listening, speaking, writing as well, on the everyday  English during the lessons.

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