Hotel reservation Dialogue

Hotel reservation Dialogue

Travel Agent: Thank you for calling Worldwide Easy2Travel . How can I help you?

Ms. Pumpkins: I need to book a hotel for a business surf trip to Hawaii.

Travel Agent: When will you need the accommodations?

Ms. Pumpkins: July 8 and 9.

Travel Agent: So, you’ll need a room for three days and two nights. You’ll be departing on July 10, correct?

Ms. Pumpkins: Yes, that’s right.

(pause…hotel travel agent typing or checking screen)

Travel Agent: We do have vacancies. Would you like to make a reservation?

Ms. Pumpkins: Yes, I would.

Travel Agent: Do you want a king or a double?

Ms. Pumpkins: I’ll be traveling alone, so a room with a king-size bed will be fine.

Travel Agent:  Do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?

Ms. Pumpkins: Non-smoking, please.

Travel Agent:  We do have a non-smoking, king room available for those nights in July. Would you like me to

hold that for you?

Ms. Pumpkins: Yes, please.

Travel Agent: Your name, please?

Ms. Pumpkins: Rebecca Pumpkins.

Travel Agent:  Okay, Ms. Pumpkins, we’ll hold the room until 6:00 pm on July 8, and you’ll be able to check in at

3:00 pm. Checkout time is noon on July 10.

Ms. Pumpkins: Can I please request a late check-in? My flight doesn’t arrive until 8:00 pm.

Travel Agent: Of course. We’ll hold the room until 10:00 pm.

Ms. Pumpkins: Thank you. Does the hotel have a restaurant?

Travel Agent: Yes, it has two. It also has a room service menu if you prefer to eat in your room. Your hotel

room fees include a complimentary continental breakfast served in the lounge by the lobby.

Ms. Pumpkins: That’s wonderful. Thank you. What else do I need to do to reserve the room?

Travel Agent: I’ll need a credit card number in order to reserve it, and then you’ll be all set. We accept Master

Card, Visa, and American Express.

Ms. Pumpkins: I’ll use my Master Card. The number is 1234 1223 3452 1144.

Travel Agent: The expiration date?

Ms. Pumpkins: November 2022.

Travel Agent: Great. The room is reserved. We’ll see you on July 8. Please let us know if you need anything


Ms. Pumpkins: Thank you

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