Language Courses

The school provides a wide range of English and Portuguese courses, from beginners level to Cambridge examinations.

Our courses focus on improving the students’ confidence to speak the language. The classes are communicative with integrated skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

We have individual and group courses. All group classes have a maximum of 8 students, allowing greater teacher attention and interaction. We offer part-time and full-time courses with flexible start dates. Courses are open to students aged 4 and over.

Portuguese for Travellers


This course is designed for visitors who want to learn/improve Portuguese while enjoying their holiday. It includes tips on how to get by in Brazil as a traveller and how to make the most out of your time in Itacaré. The course is tailored to the student’s needs and also teaches the student about the culture of the country.

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Portuguese for Kids


As part of this course, kids are challenged to learn and experience Portuguese in a very playful way. Our approach is learning through movement, music, games, puppetry, drama, storytelling, crafts, painting and having fun.

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Cambridge Exam Preparation

The Cambridge exams are recognised worldwide. They are required for applications to universities in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as other native English speaking countries. The Cambridge course greatly assists with getting employed in the tourism industry and in international business.

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English is Easy to Speak


Students are challenged to learn and experience English with a focus on real life topics and an emphasis on the four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

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English for travels


In this course, students are trained in travel situations through simulating travel scenarios. The focus is on travel vocabulary as well as travels tips.

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My first words in English


In this course, kids are challenged to learn and experience English in a very playful way. Our approach is learning through movement, music, games, puppetry, drama, storytelling, crafts, painting and having fun.

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Learning is fun


In this course, students are challenged to learn the alphabet and start to read and write in English. Students learn and experience English in a very playful way through movement, music, games, puppetry, drama, storytelling, crafts, painting and having fun.

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I can speak English


In this course, students are challenged to learn and experience English through real-life scenarios with a focus on conversation with a native English speaking teacher. In this course personal devices (phone, tablet, PC, etc.) are used.

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Language and Recreation Vacations

We partner with established and qualified activity providers to tailor make packages based on your specific requests.

Your holiday can be as active as you want and you can choose any combination of activities. Here is a list of activities you can choose from: surfing, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, capoeira, samba, fishing, kayaking, eco-boat trips to see waterfalls or the spectacular Barra Grande islands, guided jungle treks, scuba diving, visit to a cacao farm (where chocolate comes from) and zip lining. Of course, socialising or lying in a hammock on one of the many beautiful beaches is free.

We can recommend a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets, including high-end options for those looking for luxury – after all you are on vacation! We do our best to tailor make a vacation based on your specific needs and wishes.

We can arrange taxi pick-ups from Ilhéus airport, bike rental, surf board rental, pilates classes, yoga classes, zumba classes and restaurant recommendations.

Contact us and we will start building your dream package.

For adults, families and groups

We can recommend quality affordable accommodation within walking distance of all the amenities and our language school. Once we know how you want to spend your time in Itacare, we can design a package for you. For example, if you want to surf and learn Portuguese, then we arrange your language lessons around the best surf times, so you don’t miss any good waves!

For teenagers and young adults

We offer a language, activity and cultural program. A host family can be arranged. The student is immersed into Bahian/ Brazilian life. Bahian people have a well-known tradition of warmth and hospitality. Student welfare is our main concern, so we choose our host families very carefully to ensure you are comfortable. Students have a private room in a family home and become members of the family for the duration of their stay and fit into normal family life, socialising and eating with the family. The duration of this course is normally two weeks, however, as with any of our courses we can adjust this to meet the specific needs of the student.

Program includes

Language, activity and culture- what is included

  • 10 hours of private language tuition per week
  • Group classes
  • All course materials
  • Full board and a private room with a carefully selected host family
  • Daily fun activity like surfing
  • Airport transfers to and from Ilhéus airport
  • Where possible attending community events such as watching local football matches or local festivals.

This is a typical day with a host family of a student

  • Students are woken by their host mother, have a shower and eat breakfast.
  • Students are given a packed lunch for the day.
  • Students walk to school and return home at about 6pm after their tuition and activity programme.
  • On returning home, students have dinner with their host family and chat about what happened that day.
  • Students may spend the evening relaxing and chatting with the family or meet up with friends in the locality.

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On the first day of school, students are given a placement test which includes a written and oral needs analysis. They are then placed in a class appropriate to their ability and needs.

  • Each lesson is 60 minutes. Classes are available at all levels all year round.

  • Classes hold a maximum of 10 students, but you can expect an average of 6 to 8 students in a class at most times of the year.

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